Pin Spotting

Pin spotting the cake, floral arrangements, or centerpiece arrangement is a great way to enhance and highlight all of the details and wedding decor.  Pin spot lights shine a narrow beam of light that can be focused without having to turn bright house lights on to see them and loose your romantic ambiance.

Wedding Lighting at Downtown Los Angeles, Cicada (Pin Spotting Floral Centerpieces, Dance Floor Gobo Pattern, Wireless LED Up Lighting

Wedding Lighting at San Pedro, Erhart’s By The Sea (Pin Spotting on Floral Bouqet Centerpieces, Pink Wireless LED Up Lighting, H@o Water Effect in white on dance floor)

Cake Pin Spot with Wireless LED Up Light underneath table skirt

Candy Buffet Highlighted with White Wireless LED Lights

Cake Pin Spot

Cake Pin Spot

LA Wedding Lighting at Downtown Los Angeles AT&T Center (Pink wash lights with Blue Wireless LED Up Lights)


Rolling Hill Country Club Wedding Lighting (Pin Spots on centerpieces and Video projection on wall)