NTR offers professional, reliable, and fun photo booths that also record guests personal video messages to you!  Printing on our high quality dye sublimation printers only takes seconds keeping guests entertained and having fun without a long line.  We offer a full variety of high quality fun party props!  You can choose to have the photo booth fully enclosed or open for all to enjoy.  We can customize the photo booth screen for your event and also the prints that guests receive.  We can customize a photo booth package just for you with slow motion video, animated GIFs, Boomerangs, 360 Photo Booth Fun, Mirror Photo Booths and so much more

What we DO offer that others DON’T:

  • NTR DJs does not advertise on your prints that guests will receive (A lot of companies put their website or company name on the prints)
  • Fully Customized Artwork
  • Each guest in the picture will receive their own print (Most companies only hand out 2 prints)
  • Wide variety of fun and unique props (customize props for your party!)
  • Video Messages (Guests can leave a congratulatory message to you!)
  • Fun interactive attendant to run the booth
  • Back Up Camera, Printer, Bulbs, Cables and Laptop
  • High Quality Prints that get cut while being printed (No long waits for your prints!)
  • High Quality Camera
  • Sleek open air style for large group shots
  • Choose your own backdrop (Many choices of backdrops!)


  • Fully enclosed Photo Booth (Any Color You Want)
  • Photo album with all guests prints and guests messages!
  • Green Screen (Guests can choose their background on the print out)
  • iPad Selfie Photo Booth (Digital Props)
  • Share via Text / Email / Facebook / Twitter
  • Boomerang / Gifs
  • Slow Motion Video
  • 360 Photo Booth

See examples of many different backdrop options!

White Backdrop Photo Strip Samples

Sequin Backdrops / Reverse Sequin Backdrops

Green Screen Samples

You can choose any image and give your guests options to choose which image they like best!

Backdrop Options

Sequin Backdrop Options

Reverse Sequin Backdrop Options

Tension Fabric Backdrops

(See full inventory here – Not in Stock Special Order with additional charge)

See in stock inventory below

Fun Signs (See full inventory here)